Refugee Story

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Hasti  ·  Afghanistan


Diary of An Afghan Woman
Baran Avatar with text
Baran  ·  Afghanistan


Diary of An Afghan Woman
ZOYA Avatar
Zoya  ·  Afghanistan


Diary of An Afghan Woman
Giovanny 3 2
Giovanny Francisco Torrealba Ramirez  ·  Venezuela

Help Me to Keep Helping

We walked until we thought we must be lost. A truck driver gave me a ride. It took seven hours. Can you imagine how many days that would have taken to walk?
Potato Fields
Mothers Running With Families  ·  Syria

Arrival: The Potato Fields

"How did they have the courage and strength to run from the bombs, through the cities and the snipers and the rebels and Assad’s army and ISIS to this hopeless barren potato field?"
Nathalie - Democratic Republic of Congo  ·  Democratic Republic of the Congo

You Look Undeniable

"I still have more dreams..."
Midwives of Cox Bazaar
Midwives - Cox Bazaar  ·  Bangladesh

Midwives of Cox's Bazar

"I am midwife, with women for a lifetime..."
Kadija and Idris  ·  Somalia

You Have to Be Able to Trust Yourself

" When we first landed in America, we found a taxi, but my family didn’t speak English. Everybody laughed when we tried to talk, we thought that no one cared about us anymore..."
Marta Vazquez
Marta and Israel  ·  Honduras

Mi Casa Es Su Casa

"I was like half in the U.S. and half in Mexico but I finally made it through..."
IMG 2958
Emilia  ·  Honduras

Arrival: I Took Sanctuary

I Fear for my Daughter's Life and My Own
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Pedro  ·  Guatemala
Natalie Dress Shop
Natalie  ·  Democratic Republic of the Congo

Belonging: Undeniable

I want them to dream, to know that we can do it too.

Work is Scarce and Then There Are The Gangs

To think of the danger it was to leave my country, to come here, is less than to know that my daughter could have died that day.
Rawah  ·  Iraq

Here I Can Make My Own Future

Here I can make my own life
Godspower 2017
Godspower  ·  A West African Country

My Father Was a Society Man

I told him I was a Christian, that I could not follow him into secret society.
Rita 2018
Rita  ·  Iraq

I Wanted to Be in Charge of My Destiny

In America, people follow their dreams
Maddie and Wilmot Collins - Mayor
Wilmot & Maddie Collins  ·  Liberia

I'm Here To Listen

Wilmot Collins - Mayor of Helena, Montana
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