How do refugee stories begin?

For many displaced persons, their stories begin like any other story. "I had a beautiful childhood." "I had a good job". "I was an engineer". "I was a surgeon."

But then the narrative changes: “One day, I received a threatening letter from the Taliban”. “Then one day, my husband was abducted by members of a vicious gang”. “Then one day, ISIS”. “Then one day, bombs."

Ry F408 EQ
Aarash  ·  Afghanistan

The scope of today’s global displacement is overwhelming. The names and places might change, but the dangers are the same. Despite the risks, refugees take desperate measures to save themselves and their families.

The distance a refugee might have to travel is staggering.

Edrees, Afghan from Iran
Edress  ·  Afghanistan
Potato Fields
Mothers Running With Families  ·  Syria

As the world experiences a steady increase in the number of refugees, there is upsurge of false narratives about refugees. Refugees are asked why they have claim on the basic human rights of safety, shelter, and work.

Stories educate us. They show who people are, what they experience, and what they need. Stories can generate meaningful change.

We strive to change the perception of refugees through personal narratives. There is no them, only us.

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