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Let's change the way we view refugees

When we hear stories about refugees in the news media, we often hear only the statistic and fail to see the individuals behind the label “refugee”. This can lead to fear and misunderstanding. As a consequence, refugees often face stigma, are socially isolated and unable to integrate, and face unemployment, poverty and unsafe housing.

Let's break down the stigma

By sharing the stories of people in the various stages of their refugee journey as they seek safety, as well as the stories of those who help empower them to reach it, we can help break down the barriers of misconception and misunderstanding. We can show that despite our differing ethnicities, cultures, traditions, religions, languages, we all share the same basic needs and concerns.

Let's help communities grow

Our original fears will transform into mutual understanding and respect. Newcomers to our communities will find it easier to make friends, get jobs, put their children through education. Our local communities and societies as a whole will benefit, socially and economically.

We all share the same world. We all share the same story. Their story is our story.

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Help us produce a short film about a refugee

With this donation, you can help TSOS use the most powerful medium for sharing stories. You will enable our volunteer videographers to capture inspiring and sobering refugee experiences, and produce a short awareness-raising film.


Help TSOS host a refugee awareness presentation

We host awareness-raising events, using music and visual art to shape international dialogue about refugees. Your donation will help to show and celebrate refugees’ contribution to the community. You will help refugees to share their stories in a way that is both intimate and impactful.


Help a refugee in the U.S. to share their story

Refugees are often depicted as “The Other” in the media. Your donation will help our volunteers to meet with refugees in the U.S. and invite them to share their background and experiences. You will help share the story behind the individual.


TSOS Internship Program

Their Story is Our Story's internship program provides an opportunity to facilitate integration within educational communities, and allow both refugees and non-refugees the opportunity to receive technical and professional training. Funds for our intern program will be used to pay for intern stipends, mentor stipends, and operating costs..