100% of your money goes towards the collection, production, and distribution of refugee stories.

Fear and misunderstanding often prevent our communities from seeing the individuals behind the label “refugee.” As a consequence, refugees frequently face stigma, social isolation, unemployment, poverty, and unsafe housing. We believe that individual stories have the power to remove these barriers, and to change the way people think, vote, and welcome displaced people. When you donate, you become our partner in transforming the perception and reception of refugees worldwide, one story at a time.

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How Your Donations Are Used

100% of your money goes towards the collection, production, and distribution of refugee stories:

  • Collection: translation, transcription, and travel costs

  • Production: software subscriptions, equipment and rent costs, and internship stipends

  • Distribution: website management, software subscriptions, and travel and materials costs for events, university symposiums, art galleries, legislative circles, the Global Refugee Archive, and more

Your donations make our work possible. If you have any questions about how your donations will be used, please contact us.

Join The Publishers

The Publishers is a passionate group of monthly givers on a mission to end the stigma associated with the “refugee” label through storytelling. Join our community of monthly donors for as little as $10 a month using the donation box on this page.

Additional Ways to Give

In addition to the donation box above, we also accept one-time donations through the following methods:


Checks can be addressed to “Their Story is Our Story” and mailed to:

Their Story is Our Story
P.O. Box 970771
Orem, UT, USA 84097


Donations can be made through PayPal.

Social Media

A few times per year we host fundraisers on Facebook and Instagram. Follow us there to be notified of those fundraisers.

If you prefer to give another way or need to make an adjustment to your monthly donation, please contact us.

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