TSOS internships provide an opportunity for interns to receive technical and professional training while learning more about displacement and facilitating integration within educational communities.

Marzia and Razia first day of work

Fast Facts

62 interns have participated to date
42% of interns have a refugee background
60% of our Teams is staffed by past interns
25% of interns returned as a TSOS volunteer
95% of interns increased their soft skills

Working within diverse and integrated teams, interns are provided with an opportunity to be in close proximity to new ideas; mentorship in project management, writing, editing, and story-production; real-world training in and exposure to a suite of professional software; the possibility to foster friendships; and employment networking opportunities.

I really enjoyed reading the refugee interviews. It was mind-opening and perspective-broadening to do so, and I feel like I learned a lot and gained new insight into what refugees are going through.
- Spring 2021 Intern

All interns interact with content from and create products for the TSOS pillars of advocacy, education, and integration.

This creates a unique academic opportunity to be part of building a repository of refugee stories, participate in advocacy for and assist the integration of the many individuals behind the label refugee.

What interns start during their time with TSOS will become a foundation of future research and understanding of global crises and how to best prevent and aid in global refugee issues.

"I think the goal of the organization is what drove most of us to work in the program. For me what was very amazing was the authentic way we made our videos and how TSOS shared these stories. I made some incredible memories with my team. I am very proud of the way we collaborated on every project."
-Summer 2020 Intern

I really enjoyed working with my internship partner. She showed me different ways to think about processing and communicating stories.

TSOS is able to provide internship opportunities because of generous donors.

Please consider a donation to help us sustain future cohorts!

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