Kansas Arrivals
Missouri Arrivals

*Data source: Refugee Processing Center: Arrivals and Admissions, excludes Special Immigrant Visas (SIV) from Afghanistan and Iraq. Figures do no include 2021 Afghan Humanitarian Parole data.

**Immigrants comprise 7.0% of total population in KS; 10% in Kansas City Metro

Diversity Contributions

*Data source: Refugee Processing Center: Arrivals and Admissions (5 yr average)

**Explore Diverse KC's collection of diverse stories, experiences, and cultures. Click through a map to delve into these unique ties and learn about the organizations that work together to make KC shine.

Top Newcomer Languages
  • French
  • Burmese
  • Tigrinya
  • Arabic
  • Dzongkha
Speak Host Country's Language
Economic Contributions
Total Refugee Federal Taxes paid
Total Refugee State & Local Taxes paid

*Data source: New American Economy: Refugees in Kansas. Total spending power: $450.9M

Refugee Household Income
Total Spending Power
Top 3 Fields of Labor*

*Top % share of the immigrant labor force in Kansas. Data source: New American Economy: Refugees in Kansas.

Total # Immigrant entrepreneurs in KS
Cooks, Construction, & Ag Workers**

*Data Source: New American Economy Total business income of immigrant entrepreneurs = $334.2M.

** Top Occupations with Highest Share of Foreign-born Laborers

Socio-Familial Stability
Unaccompanied Children Released to Sponsors by the State
# of Immigrant (refugee & asylee) Family Reunifications

*Data not available

Community & Educational Contributions
Refugee Educational Attainment
  • 36.5%
    Less than High School
  • 34.1%
    High School & Some College
  • 14.9%
    Bachelor's Degree
  • 14.5%
    Graduate Degree
Naturalized Citizens
Local Refugee Heroes
Six-year-old Rose tells the story of Covid-19. She and her family resettled from the Middle East to the Kansas City area in September of 2016.

September 1, 2023

We know there are stories in Kansas City that need to be told. So, we sat down and made a plan. We listed individuals, nonprofit organizations, and resettlement agencies that we have relationships with. Then we listed ways we could weave these stories together by topic: connected communities, housing, resettlement, etc. Our list grew and grew, and before we knew it we had a roadmap.

Director of Community Programs
Andrea Buley
Community Liaison - Kansas City
Melanie Shashindranath
Chief Financial Officer
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