Total Asylum Applicants

In 2019, 2,722,000 people, or just under 38%, of the permanent resident population aged 15 and over had a migration background.

*Data source: State Secretariat for Migration Overview (Staatssejretaruat für Migration SEM)

Total Settlements

Switzerland ranks between the UK and Canada for the number of refugees granted legal asylum.

*Data source: State Secretariat for Migration Overview (Staatssejretaruat für Migration SEM)


Numbers from Asylum applicants and temporary admission granted.

*Data source: European Council on Refugee & Exiles

Languages Spoken
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Bosnian
  • Pashto & Dari
  • Turkish

40.8% of the incoming populations speak English and 70% speak one of the three languages spoken in Switzerland (German, French, or Italian.

*Data source: Federal Statistics Office

Speak Host Country's Language

40.8% of refugees speak English.

Top 4 Fields of Labor*

Academic Professions


Service Occupations or Sales


Equipment and Machinery Operations


Auxiliary Workers


*Shown as a % of immigrants in the field of labor.

**Data source: Swiss Labor Statistics

1st Generation Immigrant Unemployment
2nd Generation Immigrant Unemployment
Unaccompanied Children Released to Sponsors

*Data source: Stastik - Switzerland

Asylum Applications submitted by Minors

*Data source: Save the Children

Children Accompanied by Family
After fleeing Afghanistan. spending years in refugee camps, and being separated for periods of time, Hamed and his family were finally able to restart a new life together in Switzerland. "I didn’t come to Switzerland in order to just eat or sleep or be dependent on charity organizations or on the government. No. I’m educated. I can learn the language quickly. I can find a job, and I will pay my taxes and make a real life and a real contribution here."

January 9, 2021

“You don’t know, what you don’t know, ... If you never get in touch with someone new, you don’t learn anything. Every culture has developed really beautiful parts. Hopefully, by coming to a safe place, people can let the wall down and share their beautiful parts with the rest of us.”

Assistant Director of Community Programs, Switzerland
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