Venezuelan Arrivals in Colombia

*Data source: Figures as of Dec. 2019

Venezuela is suffering a deep economic, social, and political crisis without precedent in Latin America. The country's economy shrank by half between 2013 and 2018, which has halted domestic production and eliminated jobs throughout. Hyperinflation reached approximately 1,000,000% in 2018 and led to severe shortages of food, medicine, and other basic supplies.

​The resultant humanitarian crisis has led to a massive exodus of Venezuelans to neighboring countries, generating challenges to local governments and communities in many Latin American countries. The subsequent refugee crisis has put tremendous pressure on governments and communities around Latin America, generating a need for civil society and the international community to support this process.

But most importantly, it has forced millions of Venezuelans to flee their homes in search of a better future. (Source: Walking for Freedom)

Migrant Status Statistics
  • 300,000
    Returning Colombians
  • 724,036
    Transitioning Refugees
  • 1,624,915
    Pendulum Refugees (45K daily)
  • 468,428
    Colombia Final Stop (w/regular migratory status)
  • 361,399
    Colombia Final Stop (w/irregular migratory status)
  • 105,766
    Crossed illegally/expired visa

*Data source:

Venezuelan Migration Data
5.5 million
Venezuelans have fled their country (Nov 2020)
8.1 million
Venezuelans expected to have left by the end of 2021

17.5% of Venezuela's population have fled

*Data source:

Local Refugee Heroes
Walking for Freedom: A Venezuelan Story is an immersive 360° documentary short created to put you, the viewer, in the shoes of the Venezuelan refugees forced to flee their country on foot. Walk with them and hear their stories. *Creative credit:

February 6, 2021

Small heart-shaped balloons purchased by a man who knew first hand the indebtedness the recipients would feel allowed receivers at a Christmas donation event to give something in return.

Community Programs Coordinator, Columbia
Community Liaison, Columbia
Photographer & Community Liaison, Columbia
Community Liaison, Columbia
Photographer & Community Liaison, Columbia
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Community Liaison, Bogota
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