Colombian generosity and hospitality is known throughout the world. In the past, their Venezuelan neighbors welcomed many displaced Colombians. In a spirit of reciprocity, Colombia leads the world in providing protection to Venezuelans while challenged with their own internally displaced populations. The Community Programs team in Colombia is actively engaged with local nonprofit organizations, serving in the community, and developing opportunities for collecting and sharing refugee stories.


FY 2015-2019 data source:

FY 2022 data source: UNHCR. 2.5 million Venezuelans in need of protection. 6.8 million internally displaced persons in Colombia.


FY 2022 data source: UNHCR, Venezuelan migration data.


Learn more about the situation of Colombian internally displaced persons (IDPs) and the reasons behind the Venezuelan mass exodus to the country.

Venezuela Colombia
Lives Converged: Venezuelan Refugees and Colombian IDPs
U4 ZP Kw Q 1
Internally Displaced in Colombia
Economic Refugee: How Economy and Politics Influence Special Refugee Status
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Volunteer Perspective

The American Dream via the Darien Pass

When I was in high school, I was fascinated by geography, and it struck me that there was a highway that I could hop on in my car and drive all the way down into South America. As an imaginative young girl growing up on the Texas-Mexico border, the idea of a road that could take me from my sleepy border town, Laredo, Texas, to the edge of the world in South America, left me awe struck. In high school I learned that this highway is called the Pan-American Highway.

January 9, 2023

The Heart of Internally Displaced Colombians

“We are victims of the armed conflict in Colombia and now forgotten and abandoned by the state. We hope to have all the good-hearted people who can help us, we are very grateful."

December 13, 2021

Call to Action

Consistent Service Can Expand Understanding

Over the last year, TSOS has developed close relationships built on mutual trust with many of the families we help. We know their names, their personal stories, and their individual needs. We are fully aware that our donations are only a temporary band-aid for a larger problem. A bag of groceries only goes so far, and they will be back the following Saturday for more. Sometimes, though, we can make a bigger impact in someone’s life.

September 17, 2021
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Liz V Elizabeth Vicente
Community Program Coordinator, Colombia
Jhennyfer Bolivar Abreu
Community Liaison
Community Liaison, Colombia
Community Liaison, Colombia
Photographer & Community Liaison, Colombia
Chelin Miller
Photographer & Community Liaison
Community Liaison, Colombia
Photographer & Community Liaison, Colombia
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Community Liaison - Colombia
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Community Liaison
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