Refugee Story

Arif, Syria
Arif - Syria  ·  Syria

Arrival: I Must be Strong for Her

"I like being in school again..."
Shekib, Afghan from Iran
Shekib - Afghan from iran  ·  Iran

Arrival: The Government Has Rejected My Asylum Request

If they send me back to Afghanistan or any other country, what will I do?
Saheba, Afghan from Iran

I Only Want to be Treated Like a Human Being

I just want to be free and to live in peace and safety.
Norina, Afghan from Iran
Norina  ·  Iran

Belonging: I Work Hard so I Can Succeed Here

I want my family to stay together here where we can be safe.
Edrees, Afghan from Iran
Edress  ·  Afghanistan

Arrival: We Defied the Taliban

I love to play soccer. I love to work and cook.
Roya, Afghanistan

Women Have No Rights There

I look forward to having a calm life filled with great achievements.
Mariam, Afghanistan
Mariam  ·  Afghanistan

The Journey: I Want to Go Back to School

I want to have a room with a bed and space to breathe.
Mohida, Afghanistan

Nine Months Pregnant, I Boarded a Plane

My husband is raising our three daughters and our son in a camp in Greece without me.
Henna, Afghanistan

I Have Never Known Peace

We have had war in Afghanistan since before I was born
Morena, Afghanistan

I Was Thinking of Suicide

I am a lonely woman with two children.
Omar, Afghanistan

My Father Was a Member of the Taliban

Because I am almost fourteen and the oldest son, I am responsible for our family.

The Taliban Slaughtered Gay Men like Animals

It was hard to be gay in my country. You can’t live as a [free] man.
Heydi, West Africa
A West African Country

I Left Because of Religious Conflict

I wanted to stay in Africa, but I wanted my life to be secure, so I came to Europe.
Felix, Nigeria

In Libya Life is No Good

The first day I came to Italy, I had a friend, an Italian friend.
Sanaz, Syria
Sanaz  ·  Syria

The Journey: We Awoke to Find Planes Bombing Above Us

Our life was very good. We were very comfortable and happy.
Larif, Afghanistan

We Just Want Peace

I don’t want my children to live in war.
Walid, Afghanistan

I Produced Media Against the Taliban

I graduated with a degree in journalism and joined the Afghan police force.
Radwa, Afghanistan

I've Been Deaf and Mute Since Birth

When I was old enough, I was forced to marry the head of our region.
Ilhan, Afghanistan

I Was Tortured Three Times

We decided to leave and sold everything we had; there is no way back.
Rahim, an Afghan currently living in Switzerland
Rahim  ·  Afghanistan

I Fought to Keep My Hope

It gives me a bad feeling … that I am safe and my friends are still in trouble.
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