Refugee Story

I Want To Use My Training

A doctor from Afghanistan fights to use the skills he acquired over two decades in America

I’m in a Strange Country with Strange People

A Ukrainian grandmother tells her story of escaping Kharkiv at the start of the Russian invasion

We Took Our Own Path

A Nigerian couple, medical doctors, living in Ukraine tell their harrowing story of how they fought to stay together with their three kids.

Women’s Rights Activist Must Choose to Stay and Die or Leave and Live

Afghan Women Who Stand for Civil Liberties Face Becoming Refugees

I Had Only Five Minutes to Say Goodbye to My Family

I don't know how to shoot. I’ve held a gun once in my life and shot two times, which was a long time ago.

We Needed to Act to Save Our Lives

We didn't want to be brave. We just had no choice.

We Are a Welcoming Community

When a choir becomes a family

Being a Refugee Does Not Make Me Less

My aspirations are to become a surgeon, buy my parents their own house, and sell my art.

They are People that God Placed in my Path

It is not easy to have no family nearby, to start from zero, completely alone.
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