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Shanti khana: Bringing peace to refugee women

The importance of women-friendly spaces in Cox's Bazar refugee settlement, Bangladesh.

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Born with a cleft palate: Giving hope to Rohingya children

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This is What They Did to Me

The people of Europe, they that think that we just came here to look for money. No!

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Nicole Ludwig, Frankfurt, Germany

I Organized a Refugee Support Group

In the end you will be judged by the fullness of your heart.

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Julie Anderson, Frankfurt, Germany

She Established a Library for Refugees

I’m thankful to be a small part of this.

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A Desperate Voyage Through the Sahara Desert

My Drawings Show Sorrows Along the Way

The people that transport you, they don’t show love.

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Christine Dolan, Paris, France

I Was Called the Sock Ambassador

There are many desperate people…

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Brown Family

We Give Bikes to Refugees

“We’re your friends, so let’s break down the walls”

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