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All stories no matter how varied, cohere in one human story. There is no them, only us. Their story is our story.

Our Lives Before Why We Flee The Journey Arrival Belonging

Our work at TSOS is critical to helping transform the perception and reception of displaced persons. There are so many ways to get involved in this work! Volunteer your time or join our next cohort of interns.


Our unique curriculum harnesses the power of personal stories, connecting students to the individuals behind the refugee label.

We provide free lessons for a variety of K-12 classrooms to help students understand how the refugee crisis intersects with literature, art, history, geography, language learning, and more.



Everyone can engage in the lives of their neighbors who have arrived as refugees, be that in helping with language, culture, education, housing, or employment.

A strong social webwork depends on local citizens and refugees connecting with and learning from one another. Our stories are the unique fibers we all weave into one vibrant and strong fabric of community.



We challenge storytelling norms to advocate for positive change in the perception and reception of refugees in communities worldwide. Refugees should have the power to define themselves as individuals first through telling their own stories in their own words. Our advocacy work hinges on these first-hand stories shared with factual context to prompt concrete action from ordinary citizens and decision-makers.

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