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We give individual refugees voice through social media, art, exhibits, and publications, thus empowering them to share their experiences, their feelings, and their hopes on a worldwide platform. Please select a photo below to read more about their stories and view artwork and video interviews. Their accounts invite mutual understanding, share common emotions, and help build bridges within our worldwide family.

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Ghezal Portrait Copy


Ghezal has lost her husband, father, a sister, a brother, cousins and neighbors to war and terrorism in Afghanistan.

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James Portrait Copy


James has survived two bombings, a stabbing, the murder of his small son and gunmen opening fire at his front door. He and his wife and two surviving children hope to find peace and security in Europe. They have been in camps in Greece since April, 2016.

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Zarrin Wm


All the time the Taliban was warning my husband. “Why your wife go to school and teach children? If your wife goes to school we'll throw acid on her face and take your children.”

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Ahmed Story Update


Ahmed was shot twice by police as he crossed borders with his children.

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Unfamiliar Wm

Familiar Faces

Ellin met some local refugees at a gathering in August 2016, and now helps them practice English weekly at their family home.

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Unaccompanied Wm

Unaccompanied Minors

In 2015, 10,000 vulnerable minors disappeared in the overwhelming immensity of the refugee humanitarian crisis.

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