Community Programs

TSOS Community Programs provide opportunities to participate in local refugee integration.


Collaborating with already established refugee service organizations that provide service-learning opportunities, cultural awareness events, and local refugee mentorship that create long-term friendships with local “newcomers.”


Offering free access to primary and secondary curriculum to better connect academic learning the causes and effects of a global crisis where millions of people are forcibly displaced each year.


Creating opportunities for local college and university campuses to participate in internships pairing refugees with non-refugees for training in writing, video, archive, and podcast storytelling.


Participating in developing positive community changes that eliminate prejudice and promote welcoming “newcomers” and strengthen communities.


Connecting with refugees through local refugee events, promoting refugee organizations, refugee artists, and refugee heroes in an effort to establish good will and recognition of the positive aspects of “newcomers.”


Supporting educational initiatives, story gathering and sharing, and service learning opportunities with the locals and partners through school assemblies, and planned events.

To participate in the Community programs please join our next event in your community.

We welcome anyone wanting to join with our hands on the ground, and encourage you to visit the page for the Community program near you.

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