Rhenald, Nigeria
Rhenald  ·  Libya

Belonging: My Dream is to Help People Make Life Better

Everyone has his own road and his own destiny.
Idehen, West Africa
Idehen  ·  Libya

Why We Flee: Going to Libya was Hell

I said, “God, OK, if today is my last day, let it be.”
Tamba, West Africa
Tamba  ·  A West African Country

Arrival: I Want to Work

" I want to leave something for my children and grandchildren. The Italians give me a place to sleep and food, but I need help finding a job..."
MoMo, Somalia
Momo  ·  Somalia

Why We Flee: I Don't Know How to Be Happy

“Call your family. Send money.” I said, “I don’t have family. I am an orphan.”
Amina, Syria
Amina  ·  Syria

I Have Missed Three Years of Their Lives

My husband told me to go to Germany with our youngest son because I am a math teacher and can speak English, and because I am strong.
Arif, Syria
Arif - Syria  ·  Syria

Arrival: I Must be Strong for Her

"I like being in school again..."
Saheba, Afghan from Iran

I Only Want to be Treated Like a Human Being

I just want to be free and to live in peace and safety.
Roya, Afghanistan

Women Have No Rights There

I look forward to having a calm life filled with great achievements.
Henna, Afghanistan

I Have Never Known Peace

We have had war in Afghanistan since before I was born
Omar, Afghanistan

My Father Was a Member of the Taliban

Because I am almost fourteen and the oldest son, I am responsible for our family.
Heydi, West Africa
A West African Country

I Left Because of Religious Conflict

I wanted to stay in Africa, but I wanted my life to be secure, so I came to Europe.
Felix, Nigeria

In Libya Life is No Good

The first day I came to Italy, I had a friend, an Italian friend.
Larif, Afghanistan

We Just Want Peace

I don’t want my children to live in war.
Walid, Afghanistan

I Produced Media Against the Taliban

I graduated with a degree in journalism and joined the Afghan police force.
Ilhan, Afghanistan

I Was Tortured Three Times

We decided to leave and sold everything we had; there is no way back.
Rahim, an Afghan currently living in Switzerland
Rahim  ·  Afghanistan

I Fought to Keep My Hope

It gives me a bad feeling … that I am safe and my friends are still in trouble.
Mina, Afghanistan

I Just Want Him to be Safe

That’s why we came here—so they would not take him away from me.
Rasheeda, Afghanistan

I Brought my Koran and Prayer Rug with Me

We left Iran because we are Afghans.
Kalil, Afghanistan

I Am a Civil Engineer; I Am Good at My Job

I hope I can find a good life and that I can continue in my profession.

They Kept Killing — They Killed so Many

ISIS began invading our village on the first day of the revolution.
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