Alla Mashkey
Alla Mashkey  ·  Ukraine

I’m in a Strange Country with Strange People

A Ukrainian grandmother tells her story of escaping Kharkiv at the start of the Russian invasion
Katya 1 1
Katya Niporka  ·  Ukraine
Seyi Ajani-Oyebanre
Seyi Ajani-Oyebanre  ·  Ukraine

We Took Our Own Path

A Nigerian couple, medical doctors, living in Ukraine tell their harrowing story of how they fought to stay together with their three kids.
Mykola  ·  Ukraine

I Had Only Five Minutes to Say Goodbye to My Family

I don't know how to shoot. I’ve held a gun once in my life and shot two times, which was a long time ago.
PHOTO 2022 03 18 14 29 52
Anna Sehal  ·  Ukraine

We Needed to Act to Save Our Lives

We didn't want to be brave. We just had no choice.
Mariia  ·  Ukraine

We Are a Welcoming Community

When a choir becomes a family
Hep 6175 1024X682 1024X675 Tsos
Vitalii and Lidiia  ·  Ukraine

Safety. Kindness. Security.

With the annexation of Crimea, there was a great deal of fear and fighting. Vitalii and Lidiia wanted a better life for their children.
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