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I Just Want to Be Free

I had no rights, no freedom to choose my path.

Arrival: Mental Health

"Refugees experience all kinds of trauma prior to, during, and after their journeys to safety..."

Arrival: Physical Health

"Refugees have often known extreme hunger, sleeplessness, frostbite, sunstroke, ... various sicknesses and ailments that have gone untreated during long periods preceding their flight and during the journey itself..."

Arrival: Limbo

"Of the 71 million forcibly displaced people in the world, 41 million are displaced within their own countries..."

The Journey: What We Carry

I pray most of all for my children who are still in Afghanistan and Iran.

Arrival: Law

"He left me with two babies and went to Libya ... I wemt to Libya, but I didn't find him."


"I only want to be treated like a human being. I just want to be free and to live in peace and safety..."

Why We Flee: The Rohingya Women

Whilst safe from the Myanmar military in the camps, Rohingya women remain at risk due to gender-based and sexual violence, discrimination, human trafficking and health problems

Why We Flee: Gangs and Cartels

We lived peacefully. But when gang members wanted me to sell drugs in the middle of my fruit, I said, “No.”
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