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Diary of An Afghan Woman


Diary of An Afghan Woman

Help Me to Keep Helping

We walked until we thought we must be lost. A truck driver gave me a ride. It took seven hours. Can you imagine how many days that would have taken to walk?

Arrival: The Potato Fields

"How did they have the courage and strength to run from the bombs, through the cities and the snipers and the rebels and Assad’s army and ISIS to this hopeless barren potato field?"

Midwives of Cox Bazaar

"I am midwife, with women for a lifetime..."

You Have to Be Able to Trust Yourself

" When we first landed in America, we found a taxi, but my family didn’t speak English. Everybody laughed when we tried to talk, we thought that no one cared about us anymore..."

Mi Casa Es Su Casa

"I was like half in the U.S. and half in Mexico but I finally made it through..."

Arrival: Law

"They need to know that we have their back..."
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