World Refugee Day Events


The Journey: We Were So Afraid

Our three-year-old boy was lost on the other side.

Belonging: I Had to Fight to Hold On to My Hope

I always tried to do my best for my family.

Why We Flee: The Taliban Says We are All Infidels

If you have a child, you will understand how I feel.

Our Lives Before: The Unthinkable Happened

In the constitution, on paper, women have equal rights with men, but in reality, they have no rights there.

The Journey: I Crossed the Mountainous Border

I kept thinking, "I will be dead; I'm not going to make it!"

The Journey: We Were Stuck Between Two Patrols

We only had enough to get this far, here in Greece. Now we’re stuck.

Belonging: You Are Safe

​You have to have faith and trust in humanity.

I Only Want to be Treated Like a Human Being

I just want to be free and to live in peace and safety.
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