Ethnic Persecution

I'm Here To Listen

Wilmot Collins - Mayor of Helena, Montana

The Journey: My Heart Felt Dead

So the man started flogging me. See the scars? All over my body!

Arrival: Physical Health

"Refugees have often known extreme hunger, sleeplessness, frostbite, sunstroke, ... various sicknesses and ailments that have gone untreated during long periods preceding their flight and during the journey itself..."

Arrival: Limbo

"Of the 71 million forcibly displaced people in the world, 41 million are displaced within their own countries..."

Stateless and Homeless Through Birth

The first to see the magic - the last to lose hope

We Were Stuck Between Two Patrols

We only had enough to get this far, here in Greece. Now we’re stuck.

I Was Tortured Three Times

We decided to leave and sold everything we had; there is no way back.

I Brought my Koran and Prayer Rug with Me

We left Iran because we are Afghans.

“We Tried to Protect Our Village”

I turn off the video … so they won’t feel sad.

The Journey: My Life Was at Risk

I said, “God, I left my country because I don’t want to die and now people are dying in the desert.”

For the Safety of Our Children

Wife, mother of three. Now a refugee seeking a better future for her family.

I Am More Than a Number

Watch me fold this plane…
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