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Aline Irafasha  ·  Democratic Republic of the Congo
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Sonam  ·  Tibet
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Safi  ·  Afghanistan
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Mahsa Ahmadi  ·  Afghanistan
Felipe Silva Work
Felipe Fernando Silva Ramos  ·  Venezuela

They are People that God Placed in my Path

It is not easy to have no family nearby, to start from zero, completely alone.
Carlos 2
Carlos Arturo Albino Reyes  ·  Venezuela

The Voice of My People

I had a meeting with Nicolás Maduro, the president of Venezuela, and he insulted me.
Paul Mwingwa
Paul Mwingwa  ·  Democratic Republic of the Congo

Wherever You Are Put, You Must Grow

It's good to go to an unknown place where I can figure things out.
Hazrat  ·  Afghanistan
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One Family Gives Back

We can’t keep everything for ourselves. We pray that the foundation will grow because the people of Afghanistan, they need help now.
Sarah, pharmacist Highline College
Sarah  ·  Iraq

A Career Pathway and a Safe Place to Work

While you're working, you feel safe.
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Image 1
Jhennyfer and Carlos  ·  Venezuela

Outside the Land that Gave Us Everything

Nowadays, the journalist is persecuted and intimidated, and tortured for showing reality in a photo or image.
Marzia and Razia snow photo
Marzia and Razia  ·  Afghanistan
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Aarash  ·  Afghanistan
IMG 6518
Noor  ·  Afghanistan


Diary of An Afghan Woman
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Hasti  ·  Afghanistan


Diary of An Afghan Woman
Baran Avatar with text
Baran  ·  Afghanistan


Diary of An Afghan Woman
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