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Martha  ·  Myanmar

A Burmese Woman Remembers Her Past and Finds Her Future in Farming

New Roots, A Farming Program for Refugees, Provides Job Security and Flexibility for a Burmese Woman
Len  ·  Myanmar

A Woman From Myanmar Stands on Her Own Two Feet Through Farming

New Roots Provides Flexibility and Freedom for Myanmar Mothers
Aung  ·  Myanmar

Farming is Familiar

A Myanmar Refugee Grew up Farming and is Able to Continue to Learn and Farm in Her New Home
New Roots Sign
Salai  ·  Myanmar

Farming is in My Blood

A Burmese Farmer Supplements His Income Through Programs at New Roots
Peng Bu
Peng Bu  ·  Myanmar

Self Expression and Happiness through Farming

New Roots Gives a Burmese Refugee New Knowledge and Experiences.
Rubi Hernandez
Rubi Hernandez  ·  Mexico
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