Hilary Cohen
Hilary Cohen Singer  ·  United States
Sarah Merwin
Sarah Merwin  ·  United States
Ryan Hudnell
Ryan Hudnell  ·  United States

I See You, I Want to Know You

How Refugees Weave Color into Our Communities
Leisa McDonald Executive Director
Leisa McDonald  ·  United States

Matthew House Creates Community Where Community is Missing

Leisa McDonald and Her Welcome Teams Fill the Gaps with Friendship and Housing
Dhulfiqar Al Hamawendi
Dhulfiqar Al Hamawendi  ·  Iraq
IMG 1728
Amy Underwood  ·  United States
Andrea Osorio  ·  Colombia
Paul Mwingwa
Paul Mwingwa  ·  Democratic Republic of the Congo

Wherever You Are Put, You Must Grow

It's good to go to an unknown place where I can figure things out.
V3 A9755

One Family Gives Back

We can’t keep everything for ourselves. We pray that the foundation will grow because the people of Afghanistan, they need help now.
Image 1
Jhennyfer and Carlos  ·  Venezuela

Outside the Land that Gave Us Everything

Nowadays, the journalist is persecuted and intimidated, and tortured for showing reality in a photo or image.
IMG 2958
Emilia  ·  Honduras

Arrival: I Took Sanctuary

I Fear for my Daughter's Life and My Own
Pat  ·  A West African Country

The Journey: My Heart Felt Dead

So the man started flogging me. See the scars? All over my body!
Stateless Refugees - Cox Bazaar  ·  Myanmar

Arrival: Limbo

"Of the 71 million forcibly displaced people in the world, 41 million are displaced within their own countries..."
Rasheeda  ·  Iran

The Journey: What We Carry

I pray most of all for my children who are still in Afghanistan and Iran.
OUR LIVES BEFORE Leonard Bagalwa
Leonard  ·  Democratic Republic of the Congo

Our Lives Before: Born a Survivor

Forced to be a rebel then a spy, Leonard was protected by the pygmies
Christine Dolan, Paris, France
Christine Dolan  ·  United Kingdom

I Was Called the Sock Ambassador

There are many desperate people…
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