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Oh Ocean: My name is Hamed and this is my poem.

I am from Afghanistan, in Kabul. I worked with the US Army as an interpreter. When the American troops left, we were threatened by the Taliban. That’s why I decided to leave Afghanistan.

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I work hard so I can succeed here

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MoMo, Somalia

I Don't Know How to Be Happy

I see my family in my eyes, and I don’t know what to do.

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Kamaria, Syria

I Have Missed Three Years of their Lives

Our home in Aleppo was bombed.

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Arif, Syria

I Must be Strong for Her

I like being in school again.

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Shekib, Afghan from Iran

The Government Has Rejected my Asylum Request

If they send me back to Afghanistan or any other country, what will I do?

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Saheba, Afghan from Iran

I Only Want to be Treated Like a Human Being

I just want to be free and to live in peace and safety.

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Norina, Afghan from Iran

I Work Hard so I can Succeed Here

I want my family to stay together here where we can be safe.

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