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Their Stories

We give individual refugees voice through social media, art, exhibits, and publications, thus empowering them to share their experiences, their feelings, and their hopes on a worldwide platform. Please select a photo below to read more about their stories and view artwork and video interviews. Their accounts invite mutual understanding, share common emotions, and help build bridges within our worldwide family.

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Kamil Painting


Kamil was born a refugee, as was his father, Akhtar. His Palestinian grandparents fled to Syria in the late 1940’s and raised their family in Yarmouk, a thriving, almost exclusively Palestinian suburb of Damascus.

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Ahktar Crying


STORY UPDATE: Akhtar is an expert craftsman in marble and granite. His life's work. All gone.

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My Name is Roksana

I am from Afghanistan and I am 18 years old. I want to tell my story of my journey to Europe.

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Holding On Full Image

Holding On

They live in uncertainty, but are remarkably resilient and cheerful in bad conditions. They hold up the best they can, and cling to the most important things - loved ones, faith, and hope.

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The Taliban Kidnapped Our Daughter

We had an 8-year-old daughter, which the Taliban came and kidnapped from in front of our house.

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Dr  Abdul Nasser Kaadan Cu Copy

Abdul Nasser

Dr. Abdul Nasser Kaadan, of Aleppo Syria, is a highly regarded physician and scholar. But his honors, credentials, and vital work could not keep him safe in his home country.

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