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Their Stories

TSOS has been turning up the volume on the refugee situation for over 18 months, now. Husbands and wives, carpenters, teachers and doctors, all seeking refuge from Africa, and the Middle East, have shared their incredible stories with us in streets and in camps across Europe. You can turn up the volume on these stories. Please help make that possible today by joining TSOS as a monthly donor or by making a one-time gift now.

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Ahmad and his child


Even when all else is beyond our control, hope keeps us from giving up.

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Ahmad and his wife

We Married Anyway

I know I have to start and build a new life from the beginning.

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Art to help refugees

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Zurvan Daughter

Who Will Listen to Our Pain?

I am responsible for the welfare of my children.

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Firoz Color


I’m Worried about My Family

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Only a Mother Who has Lost a Child Knows My Pain

​Ualda comes from a world where it is dangerous for a woman to be educated or outspoken.

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