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Their Stories

We give individual refugees voice through social media, art, exhibits, and publications, thus empowering them to share their experiences, their feelings, and their hopes on a worldwide platform. Please select a photo below to read more about their stories and view artwork and video interviews. Their accounts invite mutual understanding, share common emotions, and help build bridges within our worldwide family.

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Refugee Child Painting

I am a refugee child

We hope for peace, friendship, good behavior and good treatment. And my wish is peace.

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Faroosh Family

If Peace Returns, We Will Go Back

If peace returns to Afghanistan one day, we will definitely go back. I had a peaceful and good life there. I had a house and a job.

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Hassan From You Tube


Hassan asks: "In times of war, are we in control of our destiny?"

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Kamil Painting


Kamil was born a refugee, as was his father, Akhtar. His Palestinian grandparents fled to Syria in the late 1940’s and raised their family in Yarmouk, a thriving, almost exclusively Palestinian suburb of Damascus.

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Ahktar Crying


STORY UPDATE: Akhtar is an expert craftsman in marble and granite. His life's work. All gone.

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My Name is Roksana

I am from Afghanistan and I am 18 years old. I want to tell my story of my journey to Europe.

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