Afghanistan: Resettlement and How You Can Help

As Afghan refugees begin to arrive in various locations in the U.S., the public is asking how best to help. Not everyone has the ability to directly volunteer, but everyone can contribute in some way. To assist our readers in finding the best venues to welcome the Afghan refugees into their communities, we have compiled a list of our trusted partners and agencies that are tasked with this enormous undertaking. See more information for your respective state below.

Should your specific state not be listed, scroll down for general information about how to contribute.


Airbnb has committed to housing 20,000 Afghan refugees worldwide. They do this through, their non-profit arm that houses people in times of emergency, including natural disasters. If you have room and are willing to host an individual or a family, you can sign up for a short-term or long-term stay. To volunteer as a host, visit their website.


Miles 4 Migrants seeks donations of airline miles, credit card points, or travel vouchers which they can use for refugees.

  • Pledge your miles, points, or vouchers, then they find a match for your pledge.

Other Ways to Support

Financial Donations - Give a financial donation to a local charity assisting in the relocation of Afghan refugees in your area.

Amazon Wishlist - Purchase items from the Amazon wish list created by the refugee relocation assistance organization of your choice. These are items that the organization has specified they are in need of.

Give Gift Cards to stores like Walmart, Target, Smith’s, Ikea, etc. These give refugees the opportunity to choose for themselves the things they need. It also gives them the opportunity to interact in English as they travel to the stores and shop.

Take Action - Urge the Biden Administration to protect at-risk Afghans

Make a Quilt, Hygiene Kits, or other Handmade Items – Handmade items like quilts and scarves and winter hats will not only warm keep their bodies warm but will help them feel welcome and wanted.

Donate Your Car – Planning on upgrading, or do you have too many cars? Having a vehicle is a game-changer. It opens up employment opportunities, makes doctors visits, grocery shopping, and schooling significantly easier. Contact your local IRC or other refugee resettlement agency to find out how.

Spread the Word – Follow TSOS on our website, on Facebook, share posts, and ask others to do the same.

Educate and Advocate – With knowledge of refugee issues and context you can dispel misunderstanding and fear surrounding refugees within your own community by engaging in conversation and posting on social media. Search our TSOS website for resources and information.

Create Context – Ask your child’s teacher to consider using the professionally curated K-12 Educational Curriculum

Employ A Refugee – having been forced from their homes refugees are incredibly resilient and eager to work and integrate into their community. If you own a business or are a hiring professional, consider hiring a refugee

Facilitate A Home – Are you a real estate owner? Do you have connections to someone who is? Connect refugees to affordable housing. Contact your local IRC office and offer to rent an apartment or home at below market value.

Give Them Your Business - Buy from Afghan-owned stores and restaurants

Start A Community Network – reach out to your community members through neighborhood platforms like or or another neighborhood connection platform and organize a safe place for a refugee family to integrate by coordinating housing, transportation, mentoring, and in-kind donations.

Help Someone Learn English - You have time, but would prefer to support refugees remotely? No problem! Several organizations have online English mentoring programs in place.

Become An Interpreter – If you speak Dari, Farsi, Pashto, Arabic, or any of the other 50 languages spoken in Afghanistan then you are needed! Volunteer to translate through your local refugee integration offices.

Teach Financial Literacy – Do you have a background in finance or accounting? Mentor an individual or a class on budgeting, tips on saving money, and financial responsibility. Contact your local refugee resettlement agency to volunteer.

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