Afghanistan: Resettlement and How You Can Help in Utah

Catholic Services and IRC have been assigned by the Department of Homeland Security and the Office of Refugee Resettlement to handle the resettlement of all incoming Afghan refugees to Utah.


Options where the public can help:

  • Housing, especially rental property owners who are willing to take in less than market value to rent the home to refugee families
  • Orders can be made for resettlement assistance on their amazon list
  • Monetary Donations
  • Volunteer Services: For at least three months you will spend two hours a week providing ESL tutoring services to a client. You must be 18+, or 21+ to drive clients, a background check is required.
    Contact/Sign Up
    To sign up, please contact Ermina Mustafic at 801-428-1312 [email protected]
  • In-kind donations: CCS will be needing furnishings and supplies for hundreds of apartments in the coming weeks and months. drop-off donation appointments CONTACT William Maloy 801-916-7382 [email protected]

Basic Needs Donations, Salt Lake City

Basic Needs Donations, Ogden


Financial Donations, either one-time or monthly

Edrees, Afghan from Iran
Edress  ·  Afghanistan
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