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The Incandescence of Humanity

Whatever challenges we face in helping good people find homes and rebuild their lives - and there are many challenges, including resisting our own despair at the tragedy and injustice of it all - I hope that I never lose sight of the incandescence of humanity in every single person.

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Brandon Stanton Endorsement

Brandon Stanton, author of New York Times #1 Bestseller "Humans of New York," has given his endorsement of our book, Let Me Tell You My Story.

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Mountain Pass

How To Define a Refugee

A refugee is just someone seeking refuge. And a refuge is a place to survive.

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The Newcomers


I have come to respect the sacrifices refugees are making. To save their own lives they have willingly left so much of their comforts and traditions behind. They work to integrate their past into the present and must learn new traditions and languages in order to live in a better and safer place. They are remarkable.

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Refugee Perspectives: Limbo

A small part of me imagined what that kind of high-stakes limbo must feel like. I saw their faces waiting in forgotten spaces all over Paris. A lucky few had secured apartments, but they were also in limbo, not knowing if they would be reunited with loved ones or if they would be deported back to the unresolved violence in their home countries.

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Overcrowded Boat W Wm

Overcrowded Boats

If you've ever wondered why those overloaded inflatable rafts coming to the shores of Greece seemed to be filled only with men (as I believe some US news outlets claimed), let me explain.

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Refugee Perspective: Memories of the Sea

Not until recently did I realize others had views about the ocean diametrically opposed to mine — not until I met Zarrin, a refugee our NPO, Their Story Is Our Story, interviewed in Greece.

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Job description: Travel required, sometimes illegally, usually at night, in the cold, when you are sick, scared or lost, or crammed so tightly in a vehicle that you can barely breathe. 

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Melissa Medium

Drew Gurley Interview with Melissa Dalton-Bradford

“Know your cause. Know your vision. Nail it to your sternum and stride out there again and again and again” with Author Melissa Dalton-Bradford

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Remains of Home after a firestorm

Evacuees and Refugees and Communal Empathy

Instead of a natural disaster like a fire, imagine you are attacked with bombs or threats by your own government or corrupt fellow citizens.

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