Ukraine: How You Can Help

LHI is currently in Moldova and Romania partnering with local organizations to help meet the needs of the increasing number of refugees in the region. Through this partnership, LHI ensures that your donations are utilized efficiently to aid hundreds of thousands of refugees. For more information on how your funds are used, visit their website.

HELP on the ground

Various concerned individuals and NGOs have launched refugee relief pages, where you can sign up to help volunteer, and a refugee can find a host. To learn more, visit the main hub site, which provides links to local efforts across different European countries, information portals for volunteers and refugees alike, and guidance on how to volunteer, serve as a host, donate, or provide transportation.


Airbnb currently offers free, short-term housing to up to 100,000 refugees fleeing Ukraine, funded by Airbnb, Inc., donors to the Refugee Fund, and the generosity of Hosts through

Anyone interested in opening their homes to support this effort can learn more about how to get involved on their website.


Miles 4 Migrants utilizes donations of airline miles, credit card points, or travel vouchers to help provide air transportation to refugees. Check their website how you can donate or pledge your miles, points, or vouchers.

There are many reputable non-profits and international organizations currently on the ground. The list provided below is not an exhaustive list, but rather provides a starting point where to donate time or resources.

RAZOM, a non-profit created in 2014 to raise awareness and amplify voices from Ukraine in the West, provides critical medical supplies through their emergency response.

DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS has had a longstanding presence in Ukraine, including in regions of eastern Ukraine that have been affected by armed conflict since 2014. They are currently mobilized to provide emergency response in Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, Hungary, Slovakia, Russia, and Belarus.

HUMANITY & INCLUSION is currently delivering aid to "the most vulnerable affected populations, including injured people, people with disabilities, elderly people, and those with chronic illnesses" on the ground in Ukraine, and surrounding countries supporting Ukrainian refugees.

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