Volunteer Story

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Katya Niporka  ·  Ukraine
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Amy Underwood  ·  United States
Josh Mojica
Josh Mojica  ·  United States
Andrea Osorio  ·  Colombia
Zeze Rwasama
Democratic Republic of the Congo

Where You Are Needed

Maybe it's not about what you want to become, it's about where you're needed.
Nicole Ludwig, Frankfurt, Germany

I Organized a Refugee Support Group

In the end you will be judged by the fullness of your heart.
Julie Anderson, Frankfurt, Germany
United States

She Established a Library for Refugees

I’m thankful to be a small part of this.
Christine Dolan, Paris, France
United Kingdom

I Was Called the Sock Ambassador

There are many desperate people…
Brown Family
United States

We Give Bikes to Refugees

“We’re your friends, so let’s break down the walls”
Kayra Martinez, Greece

The Art Creates Support for Families and Children

When I dropped off my first carload … I asked, “May I stay and help?”
“A Message to the World,” Oil on linen by Elizabeth Benson Thayer

Children Show Us What Humanity Means

Their future is uncertain, and their past is gone forever.
Diana Levaton, Paris
United States

On the Right Side of History

I organized parents; Ben organized students and faculty.
Ben Levaton, Paris
United States
Sophia Borletti, Paris

Hatred Can Be Turned Into Love

I graduate in June. I’m not going to leave working with refugees behind.
Fatima Dzhafarova, Paris

They Looked Different from Us

“I decided then and there I wanted to become involved in helping refugees.”
Avery Alley, Paris
United States

They Could Easily Become My Friends

… we were interacting with the refugees on a one-to-one basis
Paris Ground Support Interview
United Kingdom

Tolerance Doesn't Help Much

It’s the situation that is the horrible… thing. It’s not the people in it.
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