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Hilary Cohen
Hilary Cohen Singer  ·  United States
Sarah Merwin
Sarah Merwin  ·  United States
Ryan Hudnell
Ryan Hudnell  ·  United States

I see you, I want to know you

How Refugees Weave Color into Our Communities
Leisa McDonald Executive Director
Leisa McDonald  ·  United States

Matthew House Creates Community Where Community is Missing

Leisa McDonald and her Welcome Teams fill the Gaps with Friendship and Housing
Elwaad Samatar
Elwaad Samatar  ·  United States

Advocacy through Storytelling

A college student uses her voice to fight for others
IMG 1728
Amy Underwood  ·  United States
Josh Mojica
Josh Mojica  ·  United States
Julie Anderson, Frankfurt, Germany
United States

She Established a Library for Refugees

I’m thankful to be a small part of this.
Brown Family
United States

We Give Bikes to Refugees

“We’re your friends, so let’s break down the walls”
Diana Levaton, Paris
United States

On the Right Side of History

I organized parents; Ben organized students and faculty.
Ben Levaton, Paris
United States
Avery Alley, Paris
United States

They Could Easily Become My Friends

… we were interacting with the refugees on a one-to-one basis
United States


Art to help refugees
Unfamiliar Wm
United States

Familiar Faces

Ellin met some local refugees at a gathering in August 2016, and now helps them practice English weekly at their family home.
Mama Bear Wm
United States

Mama Bear

Lisa Campbell, Director of Operations for NPO "Do Your Part," doesn't run a charity, she runs a small self-governing, self-reliant community.
United States

East African Goat Project

​The East African Refugee Goat Project, which leases goats to large companies for an eco-friendly form of weed control, creates jobs for refugees who help tend the goats.
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