Julie Rose

Host of "Top of Mind with Julie Rose"

Julie Rose has been a radio journalist for 20 years, reporting for NPR local stations in Salt Lake City and Charlotte, North Carolina, as well as network shows including Morning Edition and All Things Considered. Her feature and news reporting won multiple national and regional Edward R. Murrow Awards. In 2015, Julie began hosting BYUradio’s daily live radio show on Sirius XM 143 called Top of Mind and went on to win a Gracie Award for radio hosting. After several years on the air daily, Julie began fighting the urge to avoid the news completely, because of how anxious and angry it made her feel. She knew she couldn’t be alone in that. So, in 2022, Top of Mind became the answer, switching to a weekly podcast that tackles tough topics in a way that’s honest and probing but also leaves people feeling empathetic and empowered. Find Top of Mind with Julie Rose anywhere you listen to podcasts.

Julie Rose
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