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Why consent matters to us (and why it should matter to you too).


In a world of selfies and social media where much of our private lives is posted for public consumption, we forget that for some, sharing personal information may be a matter of life and death.

For many of our Afghan friends, having their photo or name on the internet may heighten the risk that the Taliban can trace them or their family members, some of whom may still be in Afghanistan.

We offer a reminder:

  • Always obtain consent before posting photos or sharing personal details.


  • Their loved ones at home may be at risk.

  • They might be at risk. Even after a refugee or asylum seeker has reached a “safe” country, they may still be at risk from those that don’t hold welcoming views. Political and cultural beliefs can and have led to aggression.

Protecting the security of our friends is something we at Their Story is Our Story take seriously. Our team members obtain informed consent from each individual before an interview takes place. Individuals dictate where their stories may be shared and what personal information they wish to keep private. In situations where the individual is at risk and/or wishes to remain anonymous, alias names are used and other identifying information is removed from interviews immediately after they are received by TSOS.

We are grateful to witness an increasing number of welcomers in communities where displaced persons have been resettled. News agencies and partner organizations alike have encouraged greater involvement and many locals have responded by stepping forward as sponsors, as volunteers, and as neighbors. To those who have actively welcomed a newcomer, we thank you.

Our top priority should be to protect and honor the wishes of our new neighbors and friends. We call upon journalists, organizations, volunteers, and community members to join us in the practice of seeking informed consent out of respect and care for their safety.

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