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Top of Mind: When is War Justified?

When Is War Justified

Through the connections made by the TSOS Community Programs team, we were able to connect Yalda Royan, refugee from Afghanistan and founding member of the Afghan Women's Advocacy Group, with Julie Rose to be interviewed for this powerful episode, "When is War Justified?"

"Most Americans have never fought in a war, or even had our lives disrupted by one. Does being so far removed from the loss and trauma make us more willing to send our military into battle? This is the first of two episodes we’re dedicating to thinking more deeply about the consequences of war. Rarely is going to war clearly the right or wrong choice. When is war justified? We're hoping that, by really embracing the nuance here, we'll be more clear-eyed as citizens and voters the next time America has the choice to fight."

As a follow-up to this interview, the TSOS Story Production team will now reference Yalda's powerful thoughts and experiences to produce her story for the Global Refugee Archive.

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