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Top of Mind: Making Room for Refugees

Jevtic Somlai Elizabeta
Liz Jevtic-Somlai

TSOS Associate Director, Liz Jevtic Somlai, was interviewed by Julie Rose on the Top of Mind podcast: Making Room for Refugees.

"I was what I like to call the 'non-sexy' refugee, because I didn't fit the profile of the media. And no one listened to any of my story."

Listen to the full podcast here.

Thank you to BYU radio and Top of Mind for interviewing Liz and for highlighting refugee stories.

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Instagram Live with Egette Indele, Founder of Safe Haven

Egette was born and raised in a refugee camp in Tanzania, Africa. In 2021, she graduated with a B.S. in psychology from George Mason University. In 2022, she received her MA in psychology with a focus in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience, also from George Mason. She was recently featured in Forbes on World Mental Health Day. She founded Safe Haven Space, to empower and educate refugee families in the US about mental health and wellbeing.

November 30, 2022

Their Story is Our Story and By Women, For Women Announce Partnership to Collect and Share Stories of Displaced Women

Their Story is Our Story (TSOS) and By Women, For Women (BWFW) announce a partnership focused on collecting and sharing stories of displaced women.

November 7, 2022

Top of Mind: When is War Justified?

Through the connections made by the TSOS Community Programs team, we were able to connect Yalda Royan with Julie Rose for this powerful episode, "When is War Justified?"

October 24, 2022
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