Odije  ·  A West African Country

Why We Flee: “Water, Water, Water!”

My family looks to me to support them.

Editing by Twila Bird
Photography by Kristi Burton
Odije Moses

My family looks to me to support them. My country has no economy, no opportunity. I decided to go to Europe but I had to go through Libya first. In the desert, we crowded onto a truck. It carried about 27 people. On our way, our tire fell off. The desert was so hot. Some of our people were dying. They kept saying, “water, water, water.” Three people died.

Informed Consent

Our team members obtain informed consent from each individual before an interview takes place. Individuals dictate where their stories may be shared and what personal information they wish to keep private. In situations where the individual is at risk and/or wishes to remain anonymous, alias names are used and other identifying information is removed from interviews immediately after they are received by TSOS. We have also committed not to use refugee images or stories for fundraising purposes without explicit permission. Our top priority is to protect and honor the wishes of our interview subjects.

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