Larif, Afghanistan
Larif, Afghanistan

I am forty-two years old. We have been at war in Afghanistan for forty-five years! Since I was born and throughout my life I have known conflict and war. I have been living in war my whole life.

In Afghanistan, suicide attacks and car bombs were our hidden enemies. We didn’t know where they would be. Under a car, on a bike, in the street—they could be anywhere. We couldn’t run from something we couldn’t see. We lost friends. They would lose a hand or a leg or be killed. We lost our families. It could happen any time—we couldn’t know when. This is the worst kind of war.

I don’t want my children to live in war. We just want to be safe. We just want peace.

Larif Family
I don't want my children to live in war.
Larif’s Daughter
My father is a school teacher, but we have no school in the camp. My sisters, my brother, and I haven’t been in school for three years now.