I have six children, four daughters and two sons. My husband was a soldier. He lost both of his feet when he was fighting to defend our homeland. He died four years ago because his feet kept pouring out filth.

After he was injured my daughters and I were in danger because we had no man to speak for us or to protect us. Everybody protested and told us, “Your husband is a cripple and he cannot protect his wife and children.”

After his death our situation became even worse. They said my daughters must get married. But my daughters refused. They would have forcibly married my girls off and their studies would have been in vain. They would have destroyed their lives and it would be worse for me.

I brought my daughters here for their sake. I told them that regardless of what happens to me, they must be in a safe place for they have their own wishes, too.

Mosuma and her five children are currently living destitute in a camp in Serbia, trapped behind closed borders and cut off from opportunity. They are unable to go back, and unable to move ahead.


Mosumas Daughters Painting Fingernails
Mosuma's daughters painting fingernails
Mosumas Oldest And Youngest
Mosuma's oldest daughter with her youngest son