Mama Bear Wm
©2017 Lindsay Silsby / TSOS

Lisa Campbell is my hero!  She is the Director of Operations for 'Do Your Part', an NPO involved in long-term disaster relief, and she is the director of a unique refugee camp near Oinofyta in Greece.  

Lisa is the embodiment of Do Your Part's mission statement which says:  "With compassion and diligence we strive to help those affected to regain self-sufficiency and confidence."  

She is a real mama bear...she doesn't put up with any nonsense from her residents but if anyone outside the camp tries to mess with her kids, they better watch out. She doesn't run a charity, she runs a small self-governing, self-reliant community.  From the chaos of tens of thousands of desperate refugees fleeing from violence and destruction in their own countries only to run up against a political wall in Greece, Lisa has managed to create an oasis of dignity and order by giving her residents responsibility and a voice.

Residents take part in weekly community meetings, cleaning and maintenance, cooking, and in running the camp school.  Every person does their part in her camp.  Every person has a voice in her camp.  Every person has a champion and a listening ear.  Lisa Campbell is empowering the very people whom life and politics and war and religion have rendered helpless.  Lisa is affecting change, not only within her camp, but within the minds and hearts of the people she so courageously serves.