Refugee Child Painting

Written by Monsoor, from Afghanistan
Moria Camp, Greece, April 12, 2016

I am a refugee child
My wish is peace
I am innocent
There is no question about that
We escaped away from threats
We were faced with bullets, guns, explosions and many other things
We hope for peace, friendship, good behavior and good treatment
And my wish is peace  

I am a refugee child 
I lost my country 
Because of pain, disasters and punishment 
I’m in a grave even though I’m alive 
Disasters and sickness keep coming 
But my wish is peace

I am a refugee child 
I will become calm 
And my mouth will be sweet 
When you laugh with me 
We didn’t come here to eat and drink 
Our decency was under attack 
My wish is peace 

You’re broadcasting human rights 
Hey merciful people 
The refugees are with you and part of that humanity 
Tell me, without helping the people, what is your wish?