Three years ago today, on World Refugee Day, Co-Founder Melissa Dalton-Bradford shared a story about a day spent with Amina, who had fled Syria with her husband and four sons. Amina and her family made their way to Turkey, then were forced to separate. Amina and her youngest son, Barra, continued on to Germany, while her husband and three older sons stayed behind in Turkey, still in danger, still trying to get out.

Go here to read more about Melissa's day with Amina on this day, three years ago.

We have a happy UPDATE to share! Amina, her sons and her husband are now REUNITED!

To go back and read more about the long journey for Amina and her family, we've followed their story from nearly the beginning and have shared in their sorrow, and we now share in their relief and joy!

Go here to read the three other parts of Amina's story. (In her previous stories, we refer to her by an alias - Kamaria - to protect her identity, while her family was still in perilous circumstances.)

Thank you for sharing and donating your time and resources to helping us share the happy stories of family reunification!