Faroosh Family

In the name of God, my name is Faroosh. We are from Afghanistan. I used to work in the media in Afghanistan. We didn’t have economic problems there. We left our country because of security problems. I worked as a cameraman in a private television program where we made a documentary movie about the Taliban and the war. I was threatened by the Taliban several times. We went to dangerous places like the Kandahar Province to report and film.  When they realized what we were doing the Taliban attacked us.

Due to the dangerous situation we fled from Afghanistan into Iran. After that we spent about 12 hours walking through the mountains until we arrived in Turkey. At first I had planned to stay in Turkey but the police arrested us.  They were not nice with us and they were not helpful.  Also, Turkey was not a safe country to live in. There were two or three suicide bombings while we were there. 
Because of all these problems we came here to Greece but we don't see any progress in our situation. We have no freedom to move on to other European countries. We don't have enough money to go forward and we don't know about our future. 
If peace returns to Afghanistan one day, we will definitely go back. I had a peaceful and good life there. I had a house and a job.  The only problem was the war and the lack of life security. I think there is no solution for my country unless our leaders solve the problems.

Faroosh Mom Child
Faroosh Child