Persecution, as defined under U.S. asylum law, refers to severe mistreatment or harm inflicted upon individuals based on specific grounds outlined in the law. To qualify for asylum, an individual must demonstrate a well-founded fear of persecution in their home country due to one or more of the following reasons:


Persecution based on race refers to discrimination, violence, or other forms of severe mistreatment targeting an individual because of their race or ethnicity. This could include systemic discrimination, racial violence, or ethnic cleansing perpetrated by government authorities or non-state actors.


Persecution based on religion involves the targeting of individuals due to their religious beliefs or affiliation. This may include harassment, discrimination, or violence directed at individuals or religious communities perceived as being outside the dominant religious group in their country.


Persecution based on nationality refers to mistreatment or harm inflicted upon individuals because of their nationality or membership in a particular national or ethnic group. This could include discrimination against minority ethnic groups or individuals from specific countries or regions.

Political Opinion

Persecution based on political opinion involves the targeting of individuals who hold or express dissenting political views or affiliations. This could include persecution of political activists, opposition party members, or individuals critical of the government or ruling regime.

Membership in a Particular Social Group

Persecution based on membership in a particular social group encompasses a wide range of characteristics, identities, or affiliations that are fundamental to an individual's identity or circumstances. This category is broad and can include factors such as gender, sexual orientation, familial relationships, or membership in a marginalized or vulnerable group.

Persecution can take various forms, including physical violence, torture, imprisonment, threats, harassment, discrimination, or other forms of harm that significantly harm or threaten an individual's life, liberty, or physical integrity.

It's important to note that to qualify for asylum, an individual must demonstrate that the persecution they fear is severe, systematic, or pervasive and that they are unable or unwilling to seek protection from their own government or authorities in their home country. Additionally, they must establish that their fear of persecution is based on one or more of the protected grounds outlined in U.S. asylum law.

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