Internship Outcomes

The TSOS Internship program creates a unique academic opportunity. Interns work for 5 hours per week on group projects made up of diverse team members. All interns take part in building a repository of refugee stories and broadening our voice across social media. These shared stories become a foundation of future research and understanding of global crises and how to best prevent and aid in global refugee issues.

We have welcomed interns from nine different states and from a variety of educational backgrounds spanning from fine arts, social work, languages, and education, to business and engineering.

Please visit the links below to see past intern work. We are always adding more content, so please bookmark this page and watch our social media channels as we continue to highlight intern work.

Story Production

Utilizing interviews housed in the Global Refugee Archive, Story Production Interns are responsible for digesting first-hand interviews of refugees and preparing their stories for either social media or the archive.

Video Production

Using PROMO software, video production interns create videos that tell the stories of refugees or advocates, or videos that will help promote TSOS across social media platforms.

Podcast Production

Using Adobe Audition, podcasting interns produce a podcast for TSOS. Interns research, interview, and mix audio from different sources to create the finished episode(s).

Stay tuned for the full launch of our TSOS Internship Podcast!

FAST FACTS about our Internship Program

  • 50 interns have participated to-date

  • 42% of interns have a refugee background

  • Qualifications to be an intern: be 18 years or older, be working towards an educational goal, be able to communicate in English, and have stable access to the internet plus an electronic device on which to complete assignments.

  • There is an online application process, and placement decisions are made by the Internship Director.

  • Our next cohort will launch in early 2022. Stay tuned for details.

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"I myself do not have knowledge of many stories faced by my own parents and grandparents. Interning at TSOS gave me an opportunity to work with powerful stories of individuals that have the right to be heard and their family deserves these experiences, struggles, and survivals to be told." -Muna Adhikari, Archive Intern

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