Amadou Diallo

Changemaker President - BSU

My name is Amadou Diallo. I am from Guinea, and I am currently pursuing my ITM bachelor’s degree at BSU. As an ITM junior student with a minor in Cybersecurity, I have a strong passion for using technology to make a positive impact. With a background in working with humanitarian NGOs that assist migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees, I have developed deep empathy and cross-cultural communication skills. I gained experience while working in various positions ranging from a translator and cultural mediator to being a receptionist, data technician, and administrator. Fluent in Fulani, French, English, and Turkish, I strive to leverage my diverse linguistic abilities to bridge gaps and create inclusive solutions.

My dream encompasses collaborating with diverse teams on projects that address global issues, such as cybercrime, privacy concerns, and information warfare, humanitarian services making a lasting impact on societies by empowering the vulnerable and minority people.

Amadou Diallo
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