December 22, 2020

Fairfax County, Virginia - Opportunity Neighborhoods

Fairfax County, VA Opp Neighborhoods 2020
The cities of Reston, Herndon, Annandale, Arlington, and Mt. Vernon are model Opportunity Neighborhoods, collaborating with low-income residents and service providers to produce better outcomes in education.

Communities from Arizona to Fairfax, from Warwickshire to New Anschpach, and Bogota to Cartegena have seen the positive effects of nurturing immigrant populations. Learning the best ways to integrate newcomers helps stimulate economies and create vibrant and competitive communities.

Through a successful model of building welcoming communities, Fairfax County, Virginia brings community-based organizations together to better meet the needs of vulnerable populations. Opportunity Neighborhoods (ON) provides a network of partners who identify gaps in services and then work with low-income residents together to prioritize their needs, and develop solutions with shared support from:

  • Community members
  • Faith communities
  • Schools
  • Businesses and
  • County Agencies

By collaborating with partners to deliver needed resources for refugee and vulnerable youth along with their families. Opportunity Neighborhoods creates a strong infrastructure to welcome, support, and empower newcomers through sustainable integration.

Please visit Opportunity Neighborhoods for newcomer integration and community strengthening ideas.

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