TSOS has been turning up the volume on the refugee situation for over 18 months, now.  Husbands and wives, carpenters, teachers and doctors, all seeking refuge from Africa, and the Middle East, have shared their incredible stories with us in streets and in camps across Europe.  We have been changed by what we have recorded.  We have learned that although these individuals need support as they recover from their perilous journeys and restart their lives, they also stand ready to contribute to the countries where they have found shelter.  Motivated by what we have experienced, TSOS members have given countless hours to painting, editing, and crafting their stories to share with readers like you. These stories have tremendous value.  These records of reality need to be heard and seen and experienced by everyone.  One thing has become clear:  TSOS must turn up the volume.

You can turn up the volume on these stories.  As our organization grows, additional resources are required to be able to continue – and to accelerate – the pace and the breadth of our storytelling.  If you have learned new perspectives or if your heart has been touched through TSOS’s stories, imagine how many more people around the world would benefit from seeing and hearing what you have experienced.

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