Their Story is Our Story's internship program provides an opportunity to facilitate integration within educational communities, and allow both refugees and non-refugees the opportunity to receive technical and professional training.

Working within diverse and integrated teams, interns are provided: an opportunity to be in close proximity to new ideas; mentorship in project management, writing, editing, or story-production; real-world training in and exposure to a suite of professional software; the possibility to foster friendships; and employment networking opportunities.

We have hosted four types of internships:

  • Archive Internship:
    • Global Refugee Archive interns utilize their writing skills to create beautifully succinct and reflective descriptions of our interviews. Their work helps honor the refugee’s story and assists future archive visitors to conduct meaningful research.

  • Podcasting Internship:
    • Using Adobe Audition, podcasting interns will produce a podcast for TSOS. Interns will research, interview, and mix audio from different sources to create the finished episode(s).

  • Story-telling Internship:
    • Utilizing interviews housed in the Global Refugee Archive, story-telling interns are responsible for digesting first-hand interviews of refugees and preparing their stories for either social media or the archive.

  • Video production Internship:
    • Using PROMO software, video production interns will create videos that tell the stories of refugees or advocates, or videos that will help promote TSOS across social media platforms.

Stay tuned to our website and social media pages for internship program news.

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