Arrival: I Want to Work

" I want to leave something for my children and grandchildren. The Italians give me a place to sleep and food, but I need help finding a job..."

Why We Flee: I Don't Know How to Be Happy

“Call your family. Send money.” I said, “I don’t have family. I am an orphan.”

I Have Missed Three Years of Their Lives

My husband told me to go to Germany with our youngest son because I am a math teacher and can speak English, and because I am strong.

Arrival: I Must be Strong for Her

"I like being in school again..."

Arrival: The Government Has Rejected My Asylum Request

If they send me back to Afghanistan or any other country, what will I do?

I Only Want to be Treated Like a Human Being

I just want to be free and to live in peace and safety.

Belonging: I Work Hard so I Can Succeed Here

I want my family to stay together here where we can be safe.

Arrival: We Defied the Taliban

I love to play soccer. I love to work and cook.

Women Have No Rights There

I look forward to having a calm life filled with great achievements.

The Journey: I Want to Go Back to School

I want to have a room with a bed and space to breathe.
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