Nicole Ludwig, Frankfurt, Germany

I Organized a Refugee Support Group

In the end you will be judged by the fullness of your heart.

Julie Anderson, Frankfurt, Germany

She Established a Library for Refugees

I’m thankful to be a small part of this.

The Journey: My Drawings Show Sorrows Along the Way

The people that transport you, they don’t show love.

Christine Dolan, Paris, France

I Was Called the Sock Ambassador

There are many desperate people…

Brown Family

We Give Bikes to Refugees

“We’re your friends, so let’s break down the walls”

Kayra Martinez, Greece

The Art Creates Support for Families and Children

When I dropped off my first carload … I asked, “May I stay and help?”

The Journey: We Were Stuck Between Two Patrols

We only had enough to get this far, here in Greece. Now we’re stuck.

Belonging: You Are Safe

​You have to have faith and trust in humanity.

Belonging: My Dream is to Help People Make Life Better

Everyone has his own road and his own destiny.

Why We Flee: Going to Libya was Hell

I said, “God, OK, if today is my last day, let it be.”
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