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The Journey: We Were So Afraid

Our three-year-old boy was lost on the other side.

The Journey: My Heart Felt Dead

So the man started flogging me. See the scars? All over my body!

Arrival: I Just Want to Be Free

For various reasons, asylum seekers sometimes voluntarily repatriate or, more often, are refused their request to stay in a safe country. They are then deported. When notified they are being deported, asylum-seekers are given a stamp in their ID documents and a re-entry ban for several years. If one goes into hiding to avoid deportation, or stays without correct documents, this constitutes remaining illegally and, in many countries, can lead to being put in detention/prison. Recently, more and more western countries are deporting asylum seekers, even after they have begun to integrate and even though returning to their place of origin might mean returning to mortal danger.

Arrival: Mental Health

"Refugees experience all kinds of trauma prior to, during, and after their journeys to safety..."

Arrival: Physical Health

"Refugees have often known extreme hunger, sleeplessness, frostbite, sunstroke, ... various sicknesses and ailments that have gone untreated during long periods preceding their flight and during the journey itself..."
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