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We transform the perception and reception of refugees worldwide, one story at a time.

They are people that God placed in my path

It is not easy to have no family nearby, to start from zero, completely alone.

The Voice of My People

I had a meeting with Nicolás Maduro, the president of Venezuela, and he insulted me.

Wherever you are put, you must grow.

It's good to go to an unknown place where I can figure things out.

One Family Gives Back: Kayode Aduwemi's story

We can’t keep everything for ourselves. We pray that the foundation will grow because the people of Afghanistan, they need help now.

A Career Pathway and a Safe Place to Work

While you're working, you feel safe.

Outside the Land that Gave Us Everything

Nowadays, the journalist is persecuted and intimidated, and tortured for showing reality in a photo or image.
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