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Sophia Borletti, Paris

Hatred Can Be Turned Into Love

I graduate in June. I’m not going to leave working with refugees behind.

Fatima Dzhafarova, Paris

They Looked Different from Us

“I decided then and there I wanted to become involved in helping refugees.”

Avery Alley, Paris

They Could Easily Become My Friends

… we were interacting with the refugees on a one-to-one basis

I Brought my Koran and Prayer Rug with Me

We left Iran because we are Afghans.

We are Scattered

My father and brother made it to Sweden; my mother and I are trapped in Greece.

I Am a Civil Engineer; I Am Good at My Job

I hope I can find a good life and that I can continue in my profession.

They Kept Killing — They Killed so Many

ISIS began invading our village on the first day of the revolution.

They Survived Libya

The journey is very, very risky. Many people died — a lot.

Hania, West Africa

“God Knows Who I Am; He will Help Me”

God knows what I am, so He will help me.
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